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District Election Procedure

1. District Elections
The Chair of the OMA Board of Directors (“Chair”) shall preside over all District elections, including the counting of the ballots, the appointment of scrutineers and any additional arrangements which he or she may decide are required. In the event the Chair is unable to act, the Treasurer of the OMA shall perform the duties of the Chair under this Procedure.

The annual District elections of officers, Directors and Council delegates (“Positions”) are conducted together. Voting is by mail and electronic ballot. Voting by proxy is not permitted. A member may only run for election in the District he or she is a member of. A member may only run for one Position in each election. A member may only vote in elections in the District he or she is a member of. A member may not vote in the elections of more than one District in any one calendar year.

All references to dates in this Procedure mean “by 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time on that date” unless a different time is stated in this Procedure. Any date referred to in this Procedure that falls on a weekend or statutory holiday shall be deemed to be the last business day before that date. Any reference to “mail” in this Procedure includes “e-mail” and any reference to “enclose” includes “attach to an e-mail” or “a page on the OMA website referenced in an e-mail”.

2. Election Date
The Chair shall determine the “Election Date” after consultation with the Chair of the District Executive. OMA by-laws require that the Election Date must be before March 1st in the year in which the candidates are to take office (by-law 6:6:1).

3. Notice of Election
A “Notice of Election” shall be mailed by the OMA at least ten weeks prior to the Election Date to each District Member in good standing on the date of mailing.

The Notice of Election shall state the,

  • Election Date,
  • Positions up for election,
  • date and time of the Close of Nominations,
  • procedure for members to be named as candidates on the ballot (i.e. as set out in 5 and 6 below), and
  • date for receipt of First and Second Candidate Statements,

and enclose a Nomination Form.

4. Close of Nominations
The OMA will accept nominations for candidates up to the date six weeks prior to the Election Date (Close of Nominations”). Nominations may be submitted by the District Nominating Committee or by Other Candidates.

5. District Nominating Committee
The District Executive Committee may submit,

  • the names of any members the Committee wishes to nominate for a Position in an election, and
  • the written consent of each nominee to be a candidate for the named Position in an election,

to the OMA, by the Close of Nominations.

6. Other Candidates
Any other member of the District who wishes to be a candidate for a Position in an election may submit to the OMA a completed Nomination Form signed by the member and by at least three other members of the District who wish to nominate the candidate by the Close of Nominations.

7. Election Package
When only one valid nomination is received for a Position in an election by the Close of Nominations, the nominee will be declared elected to that Position. When two or more valid nominations are received for an election, the OMA shall mail at least four weeks prior to the Election Date, to each eligible voter, an “Election Package” containing,

1) a list of all candidates for Positions in an election which shall indicate if a candidate is the incumbent,

2) a ballot,

3) instructions for voting,

4) a statement prepared by each candidate not to exceed both sides of an 8.5” x 11” sheet of paper in no smaller than 12 point font which may contain,

  1. biographical information about the candidate,
  2. a brief curriculum vitae of the candidate, and
  3. a position statement of the candidate (“First Candidate Statement”),

5) an envelope for securing the ballots, and

6) a return envelope addressed to the OMA.

A candidate who wishes the OMA to distribute a First Candidate Statement must deliver it to the OMA at least five weeks prior to the Election Date.

8. Other OMA Communications
Each candidate in an election shall also be entitled to send a one-page, single-sided communication to the members of the District (“Second Candidate Statement”). The Second Candidate Statement must be delivered to the OMA no later than two weeks prior to the Election Date. The OMA will not distribute to members of the District,

  • the report of the District Nominating Committee or any other information regarding its nominations, or
  • any other communication that references or supports any candidate in an election from the Close of Nominations until the day after the Election Date.

Any question concerning whether a communication satisfies this restriction shall be referred to the Chair of the Communications Advisory Committee for decision.

9. Mail Service
Where there is an interruption of mail service during an election period, the Chair may extend any of the times set out in this Procedure.

10. Election
The OMA will only accept ballots delivered to the OMA before 2:00 p.m. on the Election Date (“Close of Ballots”). After the Close of Ballots, the Chair shall declare the candidate who received the largest number of votes in an election as having been elected. In the event of a tie vote, the Chair of the Board shall break the tie by a coin toss.

The OMA shall,

  • advise each candidate of the voting results and the winner of the election, and
  • post the name of the winner of each election on the member side of the OMA website and the number of,
  1. eligible voters,
  2. participating voters,
  3. spoiled ballots,
  4. number of electronic votes cast and
  5. number of mail votes cast.
  •  The OMA will make the vote counts for elected Positions available to members upon request.

11. Candidate-Requested Recount
Any candidate may request a recount of the ballots within 20 days after the Election Date by delivering to the OMA:

1) a written request for a recount, and

2) a $200 deposit.

The Chair of the Board shall conduct the recount within 15 days after the date of delivery of the request and deposit. If the recount changes the result of an election, the deposit shall be returned to the candidate. The recount shall be presided over by the Chair of the Board.

12. Ballots

All ballots in an election shall be destroyed 45 days after the Election Date.

OMA Board

Approved: July 31, 1992
Amended: July 24, 2002
Amended: March 24-25, 2010
Approved: October 13-14, 2010
Approved: September 18-19, 2013
Amended: September 17, 2015

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