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Dr. Christina Hill Medical Bursary

Medical students represent the future of health care in our community.  By helping today’s students, we are working to ensure quality health care for the future.

In 2000 the AMO, with the help of Dr. Christina Hill, came together with local doctors to raise money for the Ontario Medical Student Bursary Fund (OMSBF) through the creation of an annual golf tournament.

In 2003, the AMO Executive Committee focused efforts at the local level to support students and ensure that our community has enough physicians in the years to come. The AMO took a grassroots approach by creating a student bursary for local medical students.

At the 5th Annual Fundraising Golf Tournament in June 2004, the AMO proudly announced that the bursary would be re-named in memory of Dr. Christina Hill.  As a practising urologist, Dr. Hill was well aware of the pressures that doctor shortages in her area were putting on physicians and their patients. From GPs to specialists like herself, patients in Ottawa continually face a lack of access to doctors and long wait times for tests and appointments.

To date more than $135,000 has been invested in the future of medicine in our community through the Dr. Christina Hill Medical Student Bursary.

The $2,000 bursary is awarded annually to a medical student who meets the criteria:

  1. A current resident of Ottawa or medical student who has graduated from an Ottawa high school.
  2. A medical student attending the University of Ottawa.
  3. In the greatest financial need.

As of the 2014/2015 Academic Year, the AMO is awarding an additional bursary, resulting in financial support for two students per year who meet the criteria.

The Dr. Christina Hill Medical Student Bursary is administered through the Ontario Medical Foundation/Ontario Medical Student Bursary Fund.  For more information or to access an application, please visit the OMSBF website.